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For over 15 years, we've helped some of the major research institutions in the country to transform how they approach research with the help of technology. Kavintech can help you define high-impact areas for improvement, design and quality. By deploying reliable tools quickly, we provide predictive insights and seamless integration of your methodology. The development process is hand in hand with the client and made transparent for high quality deliverables.



Education management services

Customised education solutions

We strive to understand and appreciate your needs and match those to IT solutions which ultimately comes out as the best solution for your unique challenge, short and long-term.

Custom CMIS

Data collection and analysis tools

Dynamic survey tools

Biometric integrated software

Logistics management software

GIS applications

Payment gateway

AI powered chatbot system

Large scale data dashboard reporting system

Data collection Survey application

  • Mother and child health management system MNCH program.



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