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Brushed with shifting healthcare needs, growing technical demands and cyber security issues, non-profits, governments, public healthcare organisations and NGOs are vulnerable with unexpected IT mishappenings. Our time-tested solutions and expertise are helping the public health sector to reshaping these obstacles into opportunities. With our domain knowledge and experience, we take on your challenge and provide custom solutions which delivers real impact to the people you serve.



Public health sector

Customised public health solutions

We strive to understand and appreciate your needs and match those to IT solutions which ultimately comes out as the best solution for your unique challenge, short and long-term.

Custom CMIS

Content management software

Behavioural management software

Mother and child health applications

IVRS and SMS integration

Paralytic stroke management and support system

Holistic wellness system

Online training portal

HIV e-learning portal

HIV-AIDS CMIS and mobile application

Foot health management system

Online training portal

Childhood Injuries management system

Geriatric health management system

IVRS and SMS integration

Holistic NCD management system

Adolescent Mental health management and behavioural assessment system


  • Anemia patient tracking medication management system
  • Holistic management of Nutrition in Chronic anemic patients



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