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Social and economic changes along with modifying regulations are altering healthcare day by day. We help our clients to be in this pace by working together and building the right tools and systems for the change in industry. With decades of experience in the field, we can deliver the value and customise the client expectations keeping in check the shifts of industry in real time.



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Customised healthcare solutions

We strive to understand and appreciate your needs and match those to IT solutions which ultimately comes out as the best solution for your unique challenge, short and long-term.

Custom CMIS

Patient management software

Pregnancy ICT application

Lab management software

TB medication reminder projects

Record management software

Hospital management software

Medicine Tracking and logistic software

Patient on boarding, health and diseases tracking

TB disease management, Medication Adherence, Medication reminder system through automated IVRS SMS, system

  • Nutrition of TB patients
  • Online quiz and Training system for doctors, health care professionals for TB



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